Check common issues to prevent contacting support


  • creating new clothes (As an admin):
    • you can start creating new clothes by clicking on the
    • enter the name of the clothing for example Casual Pants.
    • if you want to create clothes like pants, shirts, or shoes... use the below fields only
    • for creating Accessories like (Hats, Glass, or Ears) use the below fields only
    • The first field in each section is defined the type of clothing/Accessories you want to create, find below list:
      • Clothes:
        • 1 For Masks
        • 2 for Pants
        • 5 for Bags ( if you don't have core inventory)
        • 6 for Shoes
        • 8 for T-shirts
        • 9 for Vest
        • 11 for Torso
      • Accessories:
        • 0 for Hats
        • 1 for Glasses
        • 2 for Ears
        • 6 for Watches
        • 7 for Bracelet
    • The second field is defining the model
    • The third field is defining the texture
    • The last field is for arms ( clothes only)


  • Update to the newest oxmysql
  • If you use mysql-async replace it with oxmysql (Just try it)

Clothes not saving

  • In that case, you need to check if you have one of the supported clothing systems:
    • qb-clothing (QB)
    • fivem-appearance
    • illenium-appearance
    • skinchannger (ESX)