Check common issues to prevent contacting support
Always try clearing server cache and restarting the server to see if issue disapears


  • Rotate items with R key while holding
  • Quick item move shortcut while holding CTRL and clicking on item
  • Quick equip / desequip weapon, hold CTRL and click the weapon item
  • Splitting item while holding SHIFT and dragging to desired spot
  • Right click to open dropdown menu
  • Merge item dragging one on top of other
  • Combine item dragging one on top of the other one. If background is green then you can combine the item to create a new one
  • Drag item anywhere empty on screen (and hold for a second) to quick drop
  • Drag item on character model (and hold for a second) to quick use


  • Update to the newest oxmysql
  • If you use mysql-async replace it with oxmysql (Just try it)


For slow time changing to normal and intense flashing
  • Remove your weather sync script
  • Or set Use3DModelAlways in config to true

I can't use any item in my inventory :

  • ensure that you start core_inventory at the end of your server.cfg in its own resource folder
  • Restart core_inventory everytime you restart a script that register useable item
  • Check for possible error in your items.lua (missing comma, duplicate entries etc.)

I can't put weapon in primary / secondary slot :

  • Add weapons as items in your items.lua / database
  • ensure that the category you set to the item in your items.lua / database is weapons with a s at the end

I can't pull out my weapon when I put him in primary / secondary slot (QBCORE) :

Ignore this if you use esx. This is to disable weapon protection since the inventory itself has one
Go to qb-anticheat/server/main.lua and change
QBCore.Functions.CreateCallback('qb-anticheat:server:HasWeaponInInventory', function(source, cb, WeaponInfo)
local src = source
local Player = QBCore.Functions.GetPlayer(src)
local PlayerInventory = Player.PlayerData.items
local retval = false
for k, v in pairs(PlayerInventory) do
if == WeaponInfo["name"] then
retval = true
QBCore.Functions.CreateCallback('qb-anticheat:server:HasWeaponInInventory', function(source, cb, WeaponInfo)

Some of my script use GetItemBySlot method :

If some of your script use GetItemBySlot, with something like :
if Player.Functions.GetItemBySlot(item.slot) then
replace this code by :
local items = Player.Functions.GetItemsByName(item)
if items ~= nil and #items > 0 then